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19 Benefits of Remote Working for Employers Skyrocket Profits!

Many of the examiners also benefited financially by bringing their Greater Washington, DC, salaries to less costly regions, effectively increasing their real incomes. Early- and mid-career workers tended to choose locations based on future career considerations, while workers with longer tenures flocked to “retirement-friendly” destinations, such as Florida. However, many people believe that remote work is the way of the future and that it is a trend well worth embracing. The workplace is more than just a professional environment, it is also a place to meet people, make connections and socialize.

  • She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Denver.
  • Second, your real estate costs can decrease if you no longer need as much space.
  • As far as some of your colleagues were concerned you might as well have been on Mars.
  • Having an international team helps people from different cultures learn from each other and share ideas that can be adopted across the board.
  • The reduced need for office space is an opportunity to significantly reduce costs.

If you’ve ever wondered how to work from home, this is the guide you need. “It’s trust—it’s the fear that people will shirk, and I think it’s the lack of clarity from the academic research as well,” Choudhury says. We’re asking Working Knowledge readers to share their thoughts about remote work. The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes.

For organizations.

They simply take advantage of flexible scheduling to work around disruptions. Secondly, companies that offer remote work are environment friendly. You build stories on how you are helping reduce the carbon footprint by increasing your company’s ability to scale using a remote workforce. Offering remote work is a great opportunity to market your company. This is a great advantage of remote for employers as it helps them hire fresh talent.

What Are the Challenges of Remote Work?

Of course, location-independent working does not guarantee happiness for your company and your employees. It brings with it a number of challenges that you will need to take seriously and deal with:The lack of personal contact can cause the cohesion, collaboration and communication within your company to suffer.A real or perceived division may occur between the “office workers” and the “home workers.” In a corporate culture that was previously based very much on employees being present and supervised, the introduction of remote work can be unsettling.Working from outside the company premises entails some legal risks.Learn more

Having a remote job doesn’t only lead to increased productivity and happier and healthier employees. There is a direct advantage for the employers as well, and it has to do with clients and work schedules. As mentioned, one of the most significant advantages of remote work for business managers is its cost-effectiveness. With no need to rent or maintain office space, businesses can save a considerable amount of money by allowing employees to work from home. A recent GoodHire study revealed that 61% of US employees would take a pay cut to keep working remotely full-time.

Benefits of Remote Working for Employers (Skyrocket Profits!)

Video conferencing platforms are an important piece of how companies benefit when employees work remotely for remote employees to have in their toolbox. These tools act as a virtual office, enabling a scattered workforce to collaborate on projects, share screens and communicate face-to-face. Organizations scrambled to put the right tools in place to enable remote work when the pandemic began.


Confined within the most productive walls of their homes, they have fewer reasons to not log in from their homes. Research has shown that absences fall by 63% when employees work remotely. Another advantage of remote working is that workers can craft and sculpt a productive work environment. Remote work has many pros both at the micro and macro levels of an employee’s life. Personally, remote work has saved me several thousand bucks that otherwise would have drained courtesy commute, lunch, office-wear, and much much more. 84% of employees agree that this increased flexibility will aid in better managing mental stress. Based on a Hubstaff report, it is revealed that 65% of workers believe they are super productive working from home.

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As the head of hiring or a wizard of hiring a staff of your company, you might want to know why. So we have lined up 15 fabulous advantages of remote working to make our case. Some organizations settled into a work-from-home routine quickly. For others, it took time as they set up systems to enable remote work. Once organizations worked out the kinks, they found this new way of working had some benefits. Here are some things for businesses to keep in mind as the world emerges from lockdowns and into a new working environment.


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